Terms & Conditions

Indulgence is owned by Amanda Wilson who specializes in Beauty Therapy; and is highly professional, offering a reliable yet competitive service to all clients. Indulgence is happy to come to you to trial make-up or you can visit the studio on the day of your trial.

Deposit & Booking Form

A deposit must be sent along with your completed booking form which can either be e-mailed or posted. Cheques should be made payable to Indulgence. Once received with a signed copy of the terms & conditions Indulgence will contact you to confirm that your day is booked. Until these are received your booking cannot be guaranteed. Indulgence only works with one bridal party on any one day.
Weddings taking place on Sunday, Bank Holidays or Special Holidays will have a surcharge added to the final invoice. Sundays = £ 30.00 Bank Holidays = £ 60.00 and Special Holidays = £ 80.00.


As soon as a completed booking form is received, terms & conditions along with deposit are received Indulgence will send you notification of receipt and confirmation that the date is booked out to you.  The letter will show the total amount minus the deposit and the due amount and date of payment plan agreed.


A trial date and time will be arranged eight weeks prior to your wedding day. Unless you request otherwise.

The day of your trial we will try different styles/colours of make-up.

All persons requiring make-up must have a trial, unless Indulgence has said otherwise. If people requiring make-up do not attend a trial without consent from Indulgence a surcharge will be required.
If you require friends or family to watch during your trial Indulgence asks that no more than two others are present. As it usually results in too many views and ideas, and the important person 'you' ends up very confused with all the ideas. If you wish more people to see you after your trial that's fine but allow 2 hours from the start of your trial.

Trials usually take up to two hours for make-up depending on bridal party size.


Indulgence requests that animals are kept from the working area whilst the trial or actual wedding day is taking place. Young children must be supervised by an adult and are not the responsibility of Indulgence. This is due to chemicals and products which could cause them irritation/danger and it does make trials almost impossible to carry out in a calm and comfortable environment for the bridal party.


All bookings are subject to mileage charges if they are over the 15 mile limit set by Indulgence from post code ME14. This includes trials. 50p per mile thereafter. This will be added to your trial total or a separate notification showing sundries. Depending on the size of party a one off fee can be arranged so that it is clear how much the ‘to site fee’ will be.

Payment of the balance outstanding must be paid in full on the day of the wedding.
Any late bookings will need to be paid in full at the time of trial.

Should you require items such as Eyelashes or nail painting you will be invoiced separately as sundries.

Cancellations made by you

Cancellations made by you will result in the loss of your deposit.
If you wish to cancel your booking once the trial has taken place, four weeks notice from the day of your trial is required by Indulgence. Cancellations after your trial with less than four weeks notice from the date of your wedding will be required to pay 70% of the actual day invoice.

If you are a late booking you have 48 hours after your trial to confirm or cancel your actual wedding day. Failure to do so could result in further charges.

Cancellations made by Indulgence

In the event that Indulgence is unable to make the booking due to illness or any personal emergency,  a cancellation by Indulgence prior to your trial will result in your full deposit refund; cancellation by Indulgence prior to your wedding day or on your wedding day will result in full deposit /actual day and 50% of trial costs refunded.

Please note should a bridal party cause distress to any member of
Indulgence at the time of trial your booking can be cancelled without any refund.

Date changes
If your circumstances change and you wish to change the date of your wedding, Indulgence require a minimum of three months notice. This request must be in writing from you.
Indulgence cannot promise it will be possible to move you’re booking if you change the day due to other weddings. Deposit is non-refundable. If trials have already taken place this to is non-refundable.


Photos will be taken during your trial and on your wedding day. Please tick the relevant box below giving your consent/not giving your consent, for Indulgence to use them on the Indulgence website & The Bridal Team website.

- I am happy for you to use my bridal party photos on the Indulgence websites

- I am not happy for you to use my bridal party photos on the Indulgence websites

NB: Names and personal details will NEVER be disclosed to a third party and will NEVER appear with your photos. Allowing your photos to appear on the websites will help market Indulgence’s work. Remember to inform your bridal party that you are giving consent to us.

Conclusion Forms

Soon after your wedding day you will receive a conclusion form from Indulgence, this is important and we ask all brides to take five minutes to complete this. All feedback positive or negative is import as it helps Indulgence to deliver a high standard to all future brides.


The time given at your trial allows for up to 30 minutes of delay.
You will be contacted should this be the case on the morning of your wedding. An extra 30 minutes is always added incase of traffic on the actual day.

Final Touches

On your wedding day Indulgence is happy to stay with you until such time when you are ready to leave. Indulgence is also happy to help brides and bridesmaid dress, however this is not part of the service, so please remember it is therefore the responsibility of the bride/bridesmaids in the event of any accidents if you have asked Indulgence for assistance.

Terms & Conditions
Each bridal party booking are required to read the full terms and conditions above.

You are required to sign and date a copy returning it to Indulgence before your trial date.

Without a signed and dated copy of the terms and conditions, booking form and deposit this could result in the cancellation of your booking.

Kind Regards
Amanda Wilson
Owner Indulgence

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